Brainstorming for Results

Corporation Associates Brainstormation helps you collectively identify opportunity, mitigate risk, drive innovation, and solve problems.

Brainstorming Techniques


Create a visual story using notecards to explore the problem resulting in ideas that interact and connect to form a solution.

Mind Mapping

Write down the problem you are trying to solve. Now expand by writing down terms that better describe what you need. Keep adding layers until you have sufficient ideas to identify a solution.

Word Banking

Word banking asks you to form big groups of terms that all describe just a few themes. To begin, write down a big idea, then begin jotting down anything that comes up for you.

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Gather your team for a simple, yet effective shout-it-out branstorming session. The S.W.O.T. is great for content review, process review, as well as graphics. You take into account what you like, dislike, and external factors.

Zero Draft

The Zero Draft method is great for writers and content creation. The method is about getting everything you can think of relating to your topic jotted down. The goal is collect all you can about your subject so you have a place to start.


Your team simply write down a few rough ideas for solving a particular problem. Then you pass the sheet on to another team member who reads it silently and marks down additional ideas to the page. Then you continue to pass the papers around until everyone has added to each idea.

How Brainstormation Helps Your Business

As you are looking to make a difficult decision, or perhaps solve a problem, or ways to cut costs, your employees are a valuable resource. The purpose of brainstorming is not to have a room full of experts meeting to discuss the pros and cons of solutions. Your purpose is to identify as many ideas good or bad (no judgment) that can be put together like a puzzle at a later time to create a high-level idea. our moderators use several techniques that drive results.

Identify a Solution for a Difficult Problem

Are you being challenged with a difficult problem? We can help you by moderating a brainstorming session. We setup the framework for your team to actively participate. We begin by presenting the problem that you want to solve. Phase one, we work by asking pertinent questions to build a list of ideas. Phase two, we continue to ask questions; however, we work in reverse. For example, instead of how do I increase my customer service, we would ask, how do we provide poor customer service. The end result of the entire brainstorming session yields two lists of ideas where we correlate ideas drawing from both lists.

Discover New Product Opportunities

Why think in the dark? A new product idea may be sparked by an event, a pain point, and even a bad experience. Bring a team of creative thinkers together, and we will moderate a brainstorming session with high-energy originating very different ideas and concepts. Once our brainstorming is complete, our mind map leader takes over whereby hosting a mind mapping session to connect old and new concepts together. The end result is a visual representation of the teams ideas.

Root Cause Analysis

Why should companies place effort into Root Cause analysis? Firstly, when a negative event occurs, short term solutions are not profitable for organizations. Your best option is to understand why an event triggered, then to implement a solution to prevent it from happening again by eliminating the source of the defect permanently. The use of mind mapping strategy using the "why" method combined with a fishbone diagram will bring knowledge forward to your team that will provide direction for a permanent solution. Our skilled moderators will promote an effective brainstorming session digging into the root cause of the event.
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The Corporation Associates Guide to Brainstorming Success.

Corporation Associates is a facilitator of brainstorming. Our Associates are available to help your business solve problems, update process, identify new projects, and more. Our guide contains ideas on how we can help you move your business forward.

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